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    Post by CivBase on Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:31 am

    You may be wondering why the second category is named "DATCOM." Well, in the game, DATCOM is a secondary menu that can be accessed in-game. It will be divided into several tabs: Sat Map, Unit Organization, Personal Status, Class Customization, Squads, and maybe even Diplomacy.

    Sat Map - The sat map is a large-scale satellite map of the entire playable area. It displays real-time data, including positions of team-mates, allies, and even enemies if they are within view of one of the above. From here, commanders and officers are able to play the more classical RTS game, from a bird's eye view.

    Unit Organization - From here, commanders and officers can organize the units under their control into easily manageable groups. It also displays more detailed statistics on each individual unit.

    Personal Status - This is essentially your health. It display the condition of your vehicle/armor as well as weapon specs.

    Class Customization - Here are the classes that you spawn with can be chosen (though they cannot be customized in-game). Each class determines specifications for weapons, armor, equipment, ect.

    Squads - The game is organized into squads, so a squad page is a must. This page displays general information on all squads. One may join, leave, or even create a squad (though there is a limit as to how many squads may be created). It also displays specs on the squad that the player is currently in.


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