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    Post by CivBase on Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:16 am

    In a standard game, there are three present ranks. These are the commander, officers, and pilots.

    The commander is the most important rank in the game. Each team is allowed one commander, who is chosen by vote prior to the beginning of the game. The commander's primary duties include construing the base, maintaining base defenses, collecting resources, producing units, and ordering squads. Commanders utilize much more strategy than any other player and has much more at his/her disposal, but experiences little action. A good commander will have little time between duties to personally lead units into battle.

    The next highest position is the officer. The officer commands units, given by the commander, and uses them to accomplish objectives presented by the commander. Each officer is in charge of a squad. They directly command most forces in a game as well as taking care of some resource collection and sometimes even base expansion, if necessary. Like commanders, officers are also able to submit orders to pilots, though these orders are much more specific than commander orders and are used to accomplish the commander's orders as efficiently as possible. Officers get a little strategy as well as some action, but the real fighting is reserved for the pilots.

    Pilots are the grunts of any game. These player spend almost all of their time fighting, attempting to accomplish orders from their officer and commander. Players are encouraged to join squads ASAP, as without squads, they are likely to receive little from officers or the commander.

    If all goes well, all three of these ranks balance each other out. Commanders, while very powerful, see almost no action, so there should not be a mad scramble to be elected as commander. Officers only have as much power as allowed by the commander. An officer who squanders his/her allowed units will not be awarded with as many in the future, and may as well be pilots. Similarly, pilots who goon suicide runs and accomplish little will likely not receive the kind of advanced weapons and that more effective pilots get. However, players who work hard and fulfill their objectives stand a much higher chance of being rewarded by their superiors.


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