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    Tech Tree


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    Tech Tree

    Post by CivBase on Thu Nov 26, 2009 12:54 am

    Productive Structures
    • Communications Center - The com center acts as the primary HQ for CNF bases. Not only is it responsible for producing utility units, but without it, the sat map would not function.
    • Power Generator - As the name suggests, the power generator generates power for all CNF base structures. Without ample power, many structures and functions become limited or entirely useless.
    • Refinery - In the refinery, resources are converted into a workable substance which is used to create structures, weapons, vehicles, armor, and just about everything.
    • Shed - Where all resources are deposited and stored.
    • Academy - The academy is responsible for producing all infantry.
    • Vehicle Depot - All ground attack vehicles are produced from the vehicle depot.
    • Hangar - Air vehicles are assembled (and some rearmed) in the hangar.
    • Barracks - An all-purpose production building for generic infantry and vehicles.
    • Armory - Research regarding weapons and armor is done at the armory.
    • Repair Station - The repair station is where units can go to get rearmed and repaired.
    • Laboratory - Miscellaneous research is done in the laboratory.

    Defensive Structures
    • Machine Gun Nest - A small, rapid fire turret that excels at repelling infantry, light vehicles, and light air targets.
    • Gun Tower - A large, anti-vehicle turret with a slow rate of fire, but a powerful shot.
    • Missie Site - A small platform that launches a guided, anti-air missile with absolutely no anti-ground capabilities.
    • Wall - Lines of tall walls of cement that are impervious to small-arms fire.
    • Sandbag Wall - Shorter walls that repel small-arms fire that can be used as effective cover. and can be placed anywhere.
    • Mines - Hidden explosives that hider or damage enemy ground vehicles, but are easily detected by infantry.
    • Throwback - Hides all units nearby from radar and SatMaps.

    Utility Units
    • Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicle (MPV) - Creates base structures, harvests raw materials, scavenges for materials in destroyed vehicles, and repairs units and structures.
    • Bolder - Allows for limited base expansions.
    • Drone - Unarmed, speedy hover vehicle built for ease of command.

    • Engineers - Capable of repairing vehicles, constructing sandbag walls, and capturing tech buildings.
    • Rocket Marines - Anti-vehicle and anti-air marines armed with rockets, but a slow rate of fire.
    • Sniper Marines - Camouflaged anti-infantry with a slow rate of fire, but very long range.
    • Assault Marines - Heavily armored, but slow, marines that handle heavy weapons. They are effective against infantry, air vehicles, and light ground vehicles.
    • Recon Marines - Lightly armored, but fast, marines equipped with jump packs and camouflage. Also able to capture tech buildings and have a long range of sight.

    Ground Vehicles
    • Scout - Light but extremely fast vehicle with limited fighting capabilities.
    • Dover - Anti-infantry vehicle that also has some anti-air capabilities.
    • Light Tank - Quicker version of the tank, but with light armor.
    • Tank - A well rounded vehicle that is effective against most other units, but not specialized.
    • Assault Tank - A slow, heavily armored tank with a heavy weapon, but a slow rate of fire.
    • Javelin - Mortar tank with very long range but is only effective against slower ground units and structures.
    • Missile Tank - Anti-air tank with guided missiles.

    Air Vehicles
    • Fighter - Fast, light, agile air unit. Best against infantry and other air units.
    • Gunship - Slower, more heavily armored air vehicle that is most effective against infantry and ground vehicles.
    • Bomber - Drops bombs on enemy targets, but must rearm after every attack. Most effective with structures.
    • APC- Heavily armored air unit that can transport infantry. Has some anti-infantry and light vehicle capabilities.

    NOTE: Names are subject to change. Feel free to make suggestions below.


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