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    Player Classes


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    Player Classes

    Post by CivBase on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:59 am

    Players are not restricted to AIP infantry classes. At the beginning of each life, they are allowed to choose from a list of six pre-constructed classes. The idea is similar to Call of Duty's class system as far as concept, but the structure should make for a much more balanced system.

    The contents of each classes are based on the weight of included items. A player can carry up to 120 lbs and choose from a pool of items. They must also choose a class category, which determines the basic armor of the character. While players can choose any items regardless of the class, items weigh less when used in conjunction with it's corresponding category(s).

    The list below shows all class categories:


    The next list contains all of the items that I have come up with thus far. The list is subject to expansion.

    Active Camouflage - Stealth
    An armor modification that changes and adapts to surroundings. Using it drains energy from it's battery, which slowly recharges while not in use. The higher setting, which makes the user almost entirely invisible, drains the battery quickly. The lower setting allows the user to effectively blend at long range and in dark areas and drains the battery at a much slower rate.

    Camouflage - Stealth/Marksman
    Unlike it's more advanced counterpart, active camo, regular camouflage does not change to match its immediate scenery. However, it's part of the armor itself and does not require a battery or even an activation. Regular camouflage helps hide the wearer in foliage or other parts of the environment (such as a ghillie suit) when standing still, but does not actually make the user transparent.

    Grenades - Assault/Demolition
    Grenades that go boom. Very painful.

    Flash Grenades - Assault/Stealth
    Grenades that blind enemies when they explode.

    EMP Grenade - Engineer
    Disables all electronics in the area including (but not limited to) vehicles, HUD, SATCOM, active camo, and any electronic sites.

    Grenade Launcher Attachment - Assault/Demolition
    The grenade launcher can be attached to rifles to launch grenades over long distances. It fires whatever grenade type is currently selected.

    Tripod - Assault/Marksman
    Increases the accuracy of rifles, eliminating the need to steady them, and dampens the drawback.

    Thermal Visor - Assault/Stealth
    Changes the player's view to "thermal" vision, making it easier to detect bodies and other heat signals.

    Thermal Optics - Marksman
    Replaces the scope on any rile with a thermal scope, which sites targets in "thermal" vision.

    T.A.G. Missile - Demolition
    The Target Aided Grenade Missile first fires a tracer round. After that, it fires a trio of miniature missiles, which pierce the armor of the target and explode within, causing immense damage.

    Motion Sensor - Stealth/Engineer
    Detects any movement nearby and displays it on SATCOM.

    Deployable Cover - Engineer
    When deployed, this device creates a shield on the ground that protects the user from small-arms fire for 180 degrees. Players can walk through it but, unless the shield times out, only explosives or manual shut-down can destroy it.

    Repair Kit - Engineer
    Used to repair vehicles of any kind.

    First Aid Kit - Assault/Medic
    Used to heal the user and others.

    Defibrillator - Medic
    Used to revive downed soldiers.

    Remote Explosive - Demolition/Engineer
    It works much like C4. Stick it on the target, run like hell, and detonate. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Adrenaline Shot - Assault/Medic
    Gives the user an adrenaline rush, allowing him to run significantly faster but decreasing accuracy.

    Thrusters - Assault
    An armor modification that adds a "double-jump" that propels the wearer further up into the air, allowing for easier access to higher places, more effective diversion, or just plain fun.


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