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    The Bain War


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    The Bain War

    Post by CivBase on Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:46 pm

    The planet Bain was the first to be colonized by Earth, in the year 2098. By 2142, it had developed several major powers, the most notable being the countries of Kallin and Montragul. For over fifty years, the two powers clashed over borders and resources. In 2190, the two countries occupied a little over half of the planet's land and eighty percent of it's economy.

    In the year 2191, a squad of Montragulian soldier under the command of Sergeant Peter Vestov chased a group of rebels beyond the borders of Kallin and killed four Kallin soldiers. Though Vestov claimed the soldiers were assisting the rebels, Kallin responded by sealing their borders to Montragul and any country who did not do the same. Conflict soon erupted at the borders as merchants and citizens tried to cross to the other side to trade and meet with family. Less than three months after sealing the borders, Kallin and Montragul engaged in armed combat. Relations had become so tense that each side practiced little restraint when fighting. In 2193, little foreign contact could be made with the planet.

    As the dust settled in 2201, both sides remained, but with their governments crumbled, their resources depleted, their land obliterated, and their people either dead or willing to fight only for survival. A revolutionary - Danton Hakerson - had emerged from the rubble and began pooling what was left of the planet's materials to repair the damage. Communications were reestablished and the countries united, but the planet's water supply was permanently poisoned and required filtration. The atmosphere didn't fair off much better. Life expectancy on Bain dropped down to sixty and the planet was in ruins.

    Now, in the 24th century, the majority of the population of Bain resides in a small portion of land in the southern hemisphere called Detran. The remainder of the planet has deterierated into a vast tundra and forsaken by most, including the land previously owned by Kallin and Montragul. Though the popuation of Detran still strives to expand their land by revitalizing small portions of the tundra, few venture far into it.


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