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    Post by CivBase on Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:45 am

    The war between free-build and sockets rages on. For the most part, I have decided on restricting base construction to the initial area. I'm unsure of how this area will be decided, as I'd like to give some flexibility to the game... but that's a battle for another day. The real concern is base expansion. Commanders cannot simply be allowed to build wherever they please; in games as large as I hope these to be, that would be chaotic. Instead, I think an outpost system is appropriate. Allow me to explain:

    From one's base, a unit may be created that, for now, I am calling the Boulder. As the name suggests, it is fairly large, slow, and insanely heavy. The boulder can be moved to one of many designated areas by the commander (or maybe an officer), though it will likely require escort due to its inability to defend itself. Upon reason one of the set areas, the bolder can deploy (permanently) into a small structure which will serve as the outpost's miniature Communications Center.

    "Why restrict the area?" you may ask. Well, first of all, the land must be flat enough to fit several structures on it. Secondly, each area has its own little piece of interest, such as tech buildings or resources. Outpost construction will be limited, but most unavailable structures would not be desired at an outpost anyways. Each outpost is also responsible for generating its own power. As cool as TA is, I don't think they can wirelessly transfer energy.

    Control of outposts may be given to officers. When this is done, the officers not only receive command over all structures at the outpost, but they also receive a small portion of the team's income in order to maintain the outpost and produce some generic units. The ratio of the officer's income to the total team's income is set by the commander when control is being assigned. If that officer should quit the game, the control goes back to the commander, who may choose to reassign it to another officer. At any time, a commander may also strip an officer of his control over his/her outpost.


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