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    Post by CivBase on Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:42 pm

    As far as I know, this construction system has not yet been used in any RTS game to date, despite its simplicity. The desired structure is selected from the primary building (in the CNF's case, the Communications Center) and the necessary materials are shipped to the building via aircraft. A utility unit (such as the MPV) then retrieves the materials and can be ordered to deploy the structure anywhere on the map. Well, almost anywhere.

    In order for a building to be placed on the map, it must be connected to a power source. Power Generators, which define this range, must be placed within range of another Power Generator or the Communications Center. Boulders can be used to connect power to farther away points of interest, such as choke points, but only a small amount of boulders can exist at any given time.

    A suitable site for construction must also be on reletively flat terrain. You wouldn't want your Barracks tumbling down the hill side because someone accidentally knocked out the 2x4 keeping it in place, would you?


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