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    Looking for something to do?


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    Looking for something to do?

    Post by CivBase on Sun Nov 29, 2009 5:52 pm

    A successful game cannot be created with thought alone. At this point, I'd like to get the game design ironed out before any kind of coding, 3D modeling, or any of that stuff even begins. If you want to help, there's plenty to do.

    • Concept Art - The best way to get an idea for what this game is about is to visualize it. Whether it is a unit concept, a HUD layout, an interface, or just a simple crosshair, we'd appreciate it. It doesn't matter if you draw it from hand, build it in a 3D modeling program, or just do some fancy stuff in Photoshop (so long as it's not copyrighted).
    • Voting - A simple way to influence the game is to keep your eye on the voting booth. Often, if there is an issue that is unresolved, it will be brought up in the Voting Booth. From there, you can cast your vote for whatever you like best.
    • New Ideas - We want them. Go ahead an make a thread if you have a new idea, be it big or small. Every little bit helps.
    • Writing - All you writers out there, listen up. If you've ever seen me write, I tend to be very slow. I have a basic story set up for this game, but to effectively create a universe, one story is not enough. Background, different points of view, details, an expansion to my own story, an even in the past that influenced the present, whatever floats your boat.


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