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    Post by CivBase on Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:06 pm

    The question is simple, but difficult. What kind of resource should be gathered and used to create things? I think using only one resource would be most effective, as I can't imagine it would be easy to control a huge economic system with so many other things going on.

    Petroleum is probably going to also be used as an added cost for vehicles. I also think that destroyed vehicles should be able to be salvaged and refined into whatever resources is decided.

    All I want is a name, some properties, and collection process (scavenged from destroyed units, fields, tech structures/capture points, resource pools, automatic, ect).

    Submit a few examples and I'll put up a poll.

    Bounty - Start with a set amount of points. As you kill enemy units, you gain more points to use.


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